In 1951, Grandma and Grandpa created what we call RACHETTIS with just few Raciti recipes from the old country with a touch of Americana.  This included our Brick Oven Pizza recipe as well as our Papa’s Italian Beef Sandwich.  It all started with simple ideas with high quality food, made fresh, and lots of flavor to taste great! Now here in Coal City, IL and Jefferson, GA, we are carrying on that family tradition with pride and excellence with the help of our ever growing RACHETTIS family.

These recipes are 4th and 5th generation recipes that were brought from Catania, Sicily that were tried and perfected in the Old Italian neighborhoods of Chicago such as Little Italy on Taylor St. and 24th and Oakley settled by our Tuscan immigrants.  These recipes were handed down from our Great Grandma to Mom and Dad, and are the centerpiece of our menu.  In Italy the word RACITI means to occupy.  Our ancestors were farmers. They worked the land and lived off of it. They made their money at the local markets selling fresh vegetables and the cheeses made at their farms.  Here at RACHETTIS, we strive to bring you the same freshness and quality whether it’s our famous Beef Pies, to the Original Chicago Deep Dish, to new recipes like the Ribeye Philly and our Spinach Asiago Ravioli. 
Whether it’s our Famous Italian Beef Sandwich, or other classics like the Calzones or our Lasagna, to the Hand Spun Brick Oven Pizza, or Fresh Selections like our Paninis or Market Salads, there is always some new and delicious to try at RACHETTIS that will satisfy your taste buds! 

But just remember, our food takes a little time to prepare because it is fresh, so take some time to relax in our Tuscan Dining Room, feel comfortable, and enjoy the old pictures of sports heroes, whether you're dining at our quick-casual restaurants, or at your place with carry out and delivery  with RACHETTIS.

We look forward to serving you again soon.

The Raciti Family, Danny, Judy, Jake, Abbey, Lydia, and Grace.
Judy & Danny Raciti, Owners